Vietnam these days is too different from itself during 20th Century war. Since opening the country in 1986, Vietnam has changed and developed in many aspects, economy, education, transportation, and even culture. Today, it is a country that fascinating enough, with beautiful scenery, amazing cuisine and awesome traditions, to explore it yourself.

Water puppetry

Architecture and Art

  1. Water puppetry has been developed for 11th century. Now it is a popular form of art and tranditional entertainment for foreign tourists.
  2. Hoi An Ancient Town, a gorgerous tourist spot in the middle of the country is used to a trading port in the 15th century.
  3. Rice terraces, especially ones in Sapa, is widely known as a beautiful landscape, the most interesting attraction of the mountainous areas in Vietnam. However, rice terraces are originally planted that way to enable rice to grow well aling the steep mountainsides in these remote areas.
  4. Son Doong in Vietnam is the largest cave of the world.

Food and Cuisine

  1. Tiet canh (made from fresh blood) and Trung Vit Lon, are the two most scaring dishes for foreign tourists.
  2. Unlike that of China and Thailand, Vietnamese cuisine is the balance of all Asian elements: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy.
  3. Luxurious restaurants in Vietnam are insteresting. But tourists are interested in street food more.
  4. Vietnamese people use boiled rice as their main food for every meal. “Pho” is the second popular food here, which is originated from Ha Noi.

Culture and History

  1. After a long time of being effected by other cultures, Vietnamese culture is now a complex adaptation of China, Japan, France and even America.
  2. The five points of the star in Vietnamese national flag represent farmers, workers, intellectuals, youth and soildiers. Especially, it is said that the red background pays tribute to the bloodshed during the wars.
  3. Like other Asian nations, Tet Nguyen Dan, Tet Holiday or simply Tet is the most important holiday in the country. It is called the Lunar New Year to dishtinguish with the popular New Year celebaration.
  4. The tradition fashion of Vietnam is Ao Dai (the flowing robes) and Non La (conical hats). This is also the uniform of female students in their high school. This fashion used to be voted as the most beautiful fashion in the world, which is a pride of Vietnamese people.