Your laser rangefinder is the updated version of other types of rangefinder. Not only it can provide you with better accuracy, laser rangefinders are also light in weight and take less space so they are an essential tool for any golf player. Here is how you can use it:


1.    Put in the battery and turn it on

Most rangefinders would require CR2 Lithium or 9-Volt Alkaline batteries. You can purchase these batteries easily in the stores and it is also a good idea to stash some extra batteries in your bag in case you are out of batteries. Buy a charger also so that you wouldn’t have to spend too much money on batteries in the long term.

Press or hold the start button until your rangefinder is on. It is recommended that you turn off your rangefinder after you have used it to prevent energy loss.

2.    Select the right mode

Normally, the auto mode would get you ready to go. However, some models of rangefinders would have special modes for sloping, when it’s raining or when it’s too windy. You should read the manual before using your rangefinder so that you know what your rangefinder is capable of.

3.    Use the lenses to aim at your target

You aim at your target not by holding your rangefinder around your chest; you need to look through the lenses so that you can select the exact spot you want. Once you have chosen your target. Aim at your target with your hands and body perfectly still until your rangefinder has looked the target.

Most of the times, people got a wrong result after measurement is not because their rangefinder is faulty, but it is because of them not being still when using it. Your target can be a small object from hundred yards away and even the slightest movement of yours can make your rangefinder to aim at something nearby without you knowing. This is very likely to be the case when you are tired after a long golf session as your hands tend to be shaking.

4.    Press the button

Some modern rangefinders will lock the target before actually measuring the distance to the target. These are the best golf rangefinders as it help you to pin down your target so that the distance would be correct even when you move your hands.

Otherwise, make sure that you would be standing still. You can place your hands on some solid objects like a rock or even your golf bag. This will help you to stabilize your measurement.

5.    Do it more than once

There are a lot of reasons why best golf rangefinder can be inaccurate. You can never know when a leaf or something might cross your rangefinder when you are measuring. So it is best to take measurement twice and you can be ready to go.

Laser rangefinders are the most popular type of rangefinders because of the convenience and accuracy that they can offer. Make sure that you use your rangefinder correctly to make the best out of it.

Source: Review Updater