Ha Noi is an amazing city. First-time visitors to the capital of Vietnam will have very great experiences and there will many new and challenging moments that make your trip never boring. However, this new trip can be a “full of trouble” trip unless you read five small warnings below.


1. Traffic

Although it is interesting, traffic in Ha Noi is not a minor danger at all. Million of motocycles and cars, few traffic lights, complex driving culture and map reading tourists is a dangerous combination.

For first – time visitor to Ha Noi, traveling on foot or by motorbike is dangerous the same. When you are crossing the street, be as careful as possible. And be aware of the red lights here because people here are not very well-controlled by this equipment.

2. Museum’s close time

Hopefully that you have not visited a museum in Ha Noi on Mondays. Because (people still don’t know why) all museums in this city are often closed on the first day of the week. Also, these places are often closed for reservation, it is, therefore, try to make sure that you are heading an open place on a beautiful day to save your time well.

3. Water pupper show

It does not mean that this show is bad. In contrast, it is completely awesome and amazing, if you have a ticket for it. In fact, visitors usually come to the show and come back their hotels after realizing that the show had been fully booked for the following days already. If you really want to enjoy this special show, remember to book tickets several days in advance.

4. Mosquito

Traveling in Ha Noi and you will know the important of a strong mosquito repellant. With the climate of high temperature and humidity, the city seems to always linger. As you may know, mosquito is the main and direct reason for awful illnesses, such as Malaria, Dengue Fever. Therefore, when preparing for your holiday, do not leave your strong mosquito insect repellant. You will be safe and happilly enjoy your trip if you are careful enough.

5. Culture shock

People in the city eat, greet, behave, wear clothes, buy and sell things differently than your place, of course. You will have to get used to and follow some customs which are totally strange for you. It is not too surprising you you get up in the morning and the city welcomes you with “pho”, not dairy foods. That is called culture shock and the thing you could change is just looking at them with open eyes and heart.

Source: Express