Similar to your golf clubs, even best golf rangefinder needs maintenance and care in order to function well and be accurate. Here are the steps to clean your rangefinder:


1.    Preparation

As your rangefinder is an electric product, you should be as gentle as possible when cleaning it. Also, the piece of clothing that you use to clean your rangefinder should never be too wet or dry. It should be slightly wet with some water. It is best to read the manual so that you could know how to clean it.


  • A piece of microfiber cloth
  • An old tooth brush
  • Some appropriate cleaning agent (used to clean electronic devices)
  • Lenses cleaner
  • A spraying bottle so that you can spray water on the piece of cloth

2.    Turn it off and remove the battery

This will ensure that you water won’t damage your rangefinder when it’s operating and prevent you from getting a mild electric shock.

Remove the rubber cover if possible

If your rangefinder has a rubber cover and it is detachable, detach it. It will make your cleaning job much easier and faster. If you can’t then it’s alright.

The rubber cover’s function is to protect your rangefinder from getting damaged when it falls. Also, it helps you to hold the rangefinder easily you if have slippery hands. To clean the rubber cover, you can just dip it into a can of water mixed with soap. This compound will help you to soften the stains covering the rubber cover. You can then use your toothbrush to scratch the cover until it is clean. Then, proceed to the next step.

3.    Wet your rangefinder

You can use a sprayer to spray water on the surface of your rangefinder. Or, you can just wipe it with your piece of microfiber cloth but make sure that it doesn’t get too wet. Water will help to soften the dust and stain holding onto your rangefinder.

4.    Use your toothbrush with the assist of your cleaning agent

Your cleaning agent should neutral (can be used to clean many different things) so that it won’t damage the paint on your rangefinder. Make sure that you are really gentle as your toothbrush can easily damage the surface of your rangefinder. You should brush it in a zigzag way so that the dust won’t be spread around to the clean parts. You can also do it vertically or horizontally until you have brushed the whole surface.


5.    Clean the lenses

The lenses are the part that can affect the accuracy of your rangefinder. If there is water or dust blocking up the lenses, your rangefinder wouldn’t be able to send the laser beam toward your target. The best golf rangefinder is an accurate rangefinder.

Use your microfiber clothes with the assist of the lenses cleaner. Make sure that you do it either vertically or horizontally.


6.    Put the batteries back in and check

Check the lenses to see if you are able to look through it and does it send out the laser beam in a straight line. Also, check the buttons to see if you are able to press them.

Source: Review Updater