To many golfers, the golf club is an important factor on course. It is a weapon of the golfer in every game. Below are eight famous golf club brands in the world.


Callaway is a famous golf equipment manufacturer with a long history. In many years, Callaway continuously was selected as one of top golf club brands in the world by website (top ranking website rating golf equipment). Calaway is also famous for the best golf rangefinder such as Callaway 300


Taylor Made

Taylor Made is a manufacturer of golf club, golf bag and golf accessories located in America. It is a subsidiary of Adidas group. Remarkable features making Taylor Made a famous brand are large sweet spot, straight orbit, golf club’s structure is designed with high class material combining with high technology. All of these traits create a top world trademark.

Honma Golf

Honma Golf is a famous Japanese golf club manufacturer which has a trademark at the same level as American trademarks. Products of Honma are handicraft with many details. In Asia, Honma Golf always domiates the market. Outstanding traits of Honma are its material and details. Moreover, every part of Honma golf club is manually made, not producing on a large scale by machine like other brands.


Mizuno is another brand from Japan. Although it is not as famous as Honma, still many golfers like to use Mizuno because of its sophistication. Two of the most modern Mizuno golf club lines are MP and EZ JPX. Besides, Mizuno produces Mizuno Zenphyr-supper light-golf club for female golfers. Mizuno is also a partner with Bushnell – one of the best golf rangefinder brand at this time. Mizuno shared statistics related to their product to Bushnell to improve Bushnell golf rangefinder database.


Ping is an American manufacturer of golf equipment. It is known as a pioneer in applying high technology to produce golf club. Ping golf club is made from high grade Carbon Composite which creates a light, thin, firm and high fidelity club. Ping golf club is chosen by many professional golfers in the world and in Viet Nam also since it is a prestigious brand and the price is quite reasonable.


Titleist was developed in the early 1920s. It is a famous brand in America. Special features of Titleist are high MOI design, the club face is super slim. Besides, Titleist uses high technology of Active Recoil Channel, Shafl Diamana S and Blue 70 Graphite. At the moment, Titleist produces many lines of the golf club, however, two outstanding lines are Titleist AP1 and AP2.


XXIO is an American golf equipment brand. In recent years, it is considered one of the best golf club brands. Moreover, XXIO golf clubs with sophisticated and eye catching designs are suitable for both male and female golfers. Full set of XXIO golf club is not really expensive. With just about 25 to 40 million dongs, you can easily get yourself a set of XXIO to perform your best shots.

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