Looking for a good GPS golf watch. Look no further than Garmin Approach S20. It is designed for top professional golfers and I believe that it can meet high requirements from all golfers in the world. Let’s take a look at Garmin Approach S20 features to know what it can do for you.


Golf Course Database

You think that this feature is only available on the best golf rangefinder. Garmin Approach S20 will change your opinion because it can offer more database than any golf rangefinder on the market. Garmin knows that it is really unwise to compete for distance control feature with best golf rangefinder brands. Therefore, they decide to develop another feature. That is golf course database. So what is this feature? And how it can help you? To answer this question, we should look at problems from new golfers or even top golfers who spend a lot of time on golf tournament. That problem is the new golf course. It often take more than 4 days to know how to play well in a new golf course. No one want to spend such time. That is the reason why Garmin develop a feature which help golfers save their time to get used to the new golf course. The way it operate is very simple. Garmin Approach S20 will collect all information from Garmin server automatically. Whenever you go to a new golf course, just type the name of this course and you can check everything on this place. You think it is unnecessary. Let’s try it and you will see that you have more chances to win with this function. For example, with new golf course, it is really hard to know hazard areas which we should avoid. Fortunately, Garmin Approach S20 will give you a lot of warning if your golf ball location is near these areas. It is not only about the signal but it is also the overview of course. You can easily know details of the golf course through course view. It will show the map of the course and your current location is also available on this map. Garmin Approach S20 is definitely what you need to prepare your golf life

Able To Work As A Smart Phones

If golf course database is not what you expect, smart phone features will help you distinguish best GPS golf watch from golf rangefinder. You can tell me why we should buy a GPS golf watch while a golf rangefinder can do anything. You are wrong. Even best golf rangefinder like Bushnell Tour Z6 can’t have specific features like Garmin Approach S20. In fact, you can’t check email, facebook status or notification for a call with a golf rangefinder. How’s about Garmin Approach S20. The answer is definitely yes. It is not only a watch for golf but it also can work as a smart phone. With multi-task functions, working and playing golf at the same time seems to be easy with Garmin Approach S20

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