Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world. Its history was first recorded in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Chemical tests showed that beer was first produced in Godin Tepe in central Zagros mountain of Iran about 7000 years ago.

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In Europe, beer might be produced about 5000 years ago and mainly be brewed on domestic scale. Before the Industrial Revolution, beer was continued produced on family scale, even though until 7th century AD, beer was also produced and sold by monasteries.

During the Industrial Revolution, the production of beer changed from domestic manufacture to industrial manufacture. There was not much beer produced in domestic scale at the end of 19th century.

The development of hydrometer and thermometer has changed the brewing of beer. Those tools help brewer to control the process and create greater knowledge of results than traditional ways.

Today, the brewing industry is a global business which includes some dominant multinational companies and thousands of smaller producers. More than 133 billion liters of beer are sold every year in the whole world.

Many countries in Europe have long history of brewing beer. Beer is a special importance beverage in some countries such as Belgium, Germany, Austria, Ireland and England. France and some Northern Europe countries such as Poland, Spain and others have their own unique traditional ways of producing beer with a long history.

Unlike many places in the world, there is an important market in Europe (especially England) for beer which contains live yeast (live beer). This kind of beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized. It is hard to compare this live beer with common beer which is filtered and pasteurized. Many people prefer the taste of live beer.

Beer companies have begun as a family business in Germany. European immigrants have turned them into big companies. After that, these companies only worked for profit which led to a degradation of product quality.

In 1953, Morton W. Coutts -an New Zealander- developed a technique of continuous fermentation. His invention was introduced in America and England, however, it is only use in brewery in New Zealand at the moment.

Modern beer companies produce many types of beer, from old style beer such as Lambic of Belgium which is naturally fermented to lager, dark beer, wheat beer and other types of Germany. They also produce many kinds of beer containers from traditional container to modern container like best kegerator