Two devices – one purpose is what experts said about GPS and golf rangefinder. Whilst golf rangefinder operates based on the laser technology, the GPS devices depend on GPS functions to run.  The same target of two gadget is calculating the distance from current ball’s location to the Green ( where the golfer should make the ball come into the hole).  However,  with different technologies, these gadgets will have the different way to approach their purposes. This article will show clearly the way they complete their tasks

GPS vs Laser


Golf players have billions of ways to detect the power of the shot and the right yardage. However, gadgets based GPS and laser are the most popular ones. You can see the best golf rangefinder as the typical example of laser technology whilst smartphones or GPS watches can be considered as GPS device to use in a golf game. Golf rangefinder can be used in a professinal way in a golf game because the only purpose of making this device is to help people improve score in their golf game. However, the cost of this device is very expensive and if you don’t play golf regularly, it is a really big waste. If you feel investing in devices like golf rangefinder is not suitable for you due to the price range, you can check GPS technologies which are available in most of the smartphones. You can use this feature by downloading golf applications. If you worry about the price of these applications, most of them are free. These apps not only give you information about the distance but it also records your stats, how much energy you burned in a golf game and like other smart apps, they can track your steps

The Accuracy

I should recommend the laser golf rangefinders because of their exactness. No GPS application can compare with them. With the best golf rangefinder, you can easily catch the target thanks to a technology called stabilizing. While GPS applications on smartphones can have troubles in blind spots, the laser golf rangefinders offer you the best way to approach any destinations in a golf game. Another problem with the GPS devices is tracking on uphill and downhill, it will give you inaccurate information. On the other hand, the laser technology still keeps their best form in these areas.

Easy To Use

GPS devices such as GPS watches seem to win in this field. If you use laser golf rangefinder the first time, you won’t get used to the display of this device. Too much information is the first impression of new golfers when they try this gadget. On the other hand, GPS watches will give you simple interface which can be easy to use.

Source: Review Updater