After flights to vietnam hanoi some visitors may think that this city is too fast. The whole city is moving with a speed of a motorbike and its changing is amazing. However, among these rush, modern days, the city is still having its moments, with tree-lined lanes, graceful architecture, romantic nightlife and surprising art scene.

street food hanoi

1. Coffee with Ha Noi

Ha Noi’s best tranquid moments are taken from a high view in the Old Quarter. A cafe with egg coffee here, is not only special for its strong coffee, but also for a sweeping view on the third floor of the house. Having a seat here, looking over at some motorbikes (sometimes thousands of motorbikes) around Hoan Kiem Lake is very enjoyable. You will know that it has been ever so peaceful in Ha Noi.

2. Street food with Ha Noi citizens

Perhaps the thing that tourists desire most after flights to hanoi vietnam is the capital’s street specialities. It’s reasonable if you skil the hotel breakfast, go down the street and choose yourself a “pho” store. Apart from “pho”, tourgoers can go down narrow valleys and up rockety back stairs to find a bowl of crad noodle soups, which floats clounds of roe and barbecued pork. It is more enjoyable to immense among the crowd of Ha Npi citizens in this early morning.

3. West Lake in the afternoon

Coffee, street food, traditional markets and motorbikes,… many things you can find in other cities in Asia for an walking afternoon. But you will have to take you can not take flights from hanoi to bangkok to meet West Lake and have a  two-wheel exploration along its banks. West Lake is a specia place of Ha Noi, where you can go for sightseeing, enjoying food and history. You can start with Hanoi Bicycle Collective to rent a bicycle, have your way around the lake, stop at Phu Tay Ho Pagoda.Thien Nien Tu temple is a quiet place for you to admire a part of Hanoi culture and history through carved timber doors and eaves. And you can still sip Vietnamese coffee at some cafes along the lake’s bank.

4. Music moments

At Hai Ba Trung District, behind Ha Noi Asean Music Festival, open a weird bar hosting international bands and D.J.s. You can come here in a Friday night, look at a menu of old-fashioned cocktails and enjoy music, dancing.

Source: Ny Times