Golf is not a simple sport. Even you read all rules in a golf course, there are some hidden rules you should follow. This article will let you know.

golf secrets

  1. Make safe into priority. You should give notice to others if unluckily your balls are misdirected by speaking aloud “Fore! Fore!”. The balls are small, but a fall into your head is not a minor injury.
  2. The best golf rangefinder is only for the new guy. Golf rangefinder is one of the most useful devices in golf. It can calculate the distance and give correct details to the owner. And you should know that distance in golf is the most valuable information. However, golf rangefinder is not allowed to use if you are a pro player. That may be how we give the better winning chance to the amateur.
  3. Be generous with tips. Many people may think that we do not need to tip for caddies or golf members because they are in charge of taking care of golfers. These staff are already paid from the clubs and golfers have paid for them when they register for a membership or golf card. It is true that they receive their monthly salary, but if you expect them to serve well, you need to give something back. When you be professional with them, you will earn their profession and care back. In addition, do not differentiate and look down golf staff, do not order as a king to caddies. They are not proper manners of golf professionals.
  4. Turn in the lost golf clubs. If you find a wedge on the course by accident, do not make it your own. Give back to the reception area, so they will find the owner later. Do not think this is a chance for you to have another club. Have you ever imagined that one day you can forget your woods on the course and you can not find them back?
  5. Do not laugh at someone who fails to putt the balls with short distance. It is too impolite if you do that. There is no reason to laugh at. Are you sure that you can do it with the frequency of 100%. No, right?
  6. Have polite and professional manners. Being happy and polite with others is a way to show yourself. Do not swear or scream out loud to notify someone. These actions are not accepted. Next, hand shake is a good greeting among players even you are winners or losers. Remember that take your hats off when you shake your hands. Another thing should be noted that do not throw your clubs with your bore just because you dissatisfy something. Golf clubs are like the symbol of playing golf, and now you throw them. What do you mean?
  7. Be clear about using electronic cars. Park your cars with consideration. Do not park them in the middle of the roads so that other cars can not go through. Do not run the cars when someone nearby is about to swing and when someone is drinking water, especially when they are wearing white clothes.
  8. The winners should treat after the game. If winners could earn a big sum of money thanks to the game, do not be cheap with others. Why do not you invite them and treat them a meal? This action shows that you are generous and a fair player.
  9. Be serious with your putt. You should be clear that even the ball is really close to the hole, maybe 20 or 30 centimes, the game has not been over. You should continue putting the ball until it falls into the hole. Some people have such improper manner that they pick the balls up and drop into the holes because they are too close to the holes.

Above are some unofficial rules for golfers. Welcome more.

Source: Review Updater